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Kourabiedes karamelomena (Christmas cookies)

Kourabiedes karamelomena (Christmas cookies)

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For caramelization:

In a saucepan, put the almonds, sugar and enough water to melt the sugar and let it simmer, and when it starts to boil, stir all the time until it caramelizes (they will have a brown color). When they are ready, take them out on an oven paper and let them cool.

Clarified butter:

melt 500 gr butter over low heat or in a bain-marie, then without stirring, let it cool a little, but not harden! Then, with a spoon, gently remove the liquid from above (this is butter) and you will see that milk will remain on the bottom. From this butter, use the proposed amount for cookies.

For cookies:

Beat in a mixer at high speed, butter with sugar and vanilla seeds (remove them with a knife tip, cutting lengthwise in half) for about 20 minutes (even if it seems like a lot, but it's important, the cookies will be fluffy). Then slowly add the flour with the baking powder and add the rum. In parallel, cool the almonds, put them in a bag and grind them a little and then add them to the composition and mix for another 10 minutes, making sure that all the ingredients are already incorporated and that we have a soft composition that is easy to shape. We make balls and place them in the tray in which we put paper for the oven, after which we put them in the preheated oven at 170C for 20-25 minutes (depending on the oven). When they are ready, we do the opposite with melomacarone, that is, we let them cool well before sprinkling the powdered sugar, otherwise the sugar will melt if the cookies are hot. Put enough sugar in a bowl, and take one or two cookies and mix them in sugar and then place them in the final dish (or in a box for cookies) and with a small strainer, sprinkle enough sugar on top, then put again a row of cookies and sugar until you're done.

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