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Shaorma with grilled chicken breast

Shaorma with grilled chicken breast

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Preparation: cut the chicken breast into narrow strips and season with salt and pepper, I added a drizzle of olive oil over it because I like the aroma that gives it but it is not mandatory. It is fried in a non-stick pan, I used Tefal which honestly deserves its reputation… I say that every time I use them.

Until the chicken is done, prepare the rest of the ingredients and grill the sliced ​​mushrooms separately. Heat the shaorma leaves, I put them in the pan for less than a minute on each side and start the operation. We base the salad and then the meat on it.

Add the second part of the salad, in my case the tomato and green onion slices. At the end, add the grilled mushrooms, season if necessary with a little salt and pepper (freshly ground) and garnish with mayonnaise or yogurt sauce.

The rolling phase is different depending on the size of the sheet. Personally, I prefer the smaller ones, filled with a generous amount of ingredients and rolled simply by wrapping the edges and then fixing with a toothpick.

Honestly, I really liked the result full of color and flavors, I promise to come back as soon as I succeed with the fasting version.

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