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Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

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Top Rated Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

"After all of the heavy eating on Thanksgiving Day, it is normal to feel full for the remaining week. But, with a bounty of leftovers, it is the perfect opportunity to feed your friends and keep the Thanksgiving entertainment going. I like to make my friends delicious Turkey BLTs with Sriracha Mayo. It is a great way to use my leftover turkey. The sandwiches aren't too heavy, so there are no flashbacks of too much stuffing and pumpkin pie."

Roasted turkey, brined turkey, dry-brined turkey, healthy turkey, bacon-wrapped turkey, turkey stuffed with stuffing, turkey cooked with compound butter, herbs and spices, smoked turkey, jerk turkey, barbecue turkey, paper-bag turkey, beer-can turkey, turducken, you've tried them all, and of course, you've considered tackling the risks of doing a fried turkey too. You’ve heard of every variation known to man, thought about what temperature to cook the turkey at and for how long, hoped for a moist turkey breast and oohs and ahs from your guests. But when thinking about doing something different, but perhaps not too much more difficult than your traditional Thanksgiving turkey, have you ever considered a mayonnaise-roasted Turkey?Maybe. But probably not.At least, we’ve thought about all the preparations above, but never heard of a mayonnaise-roasted turkey until one member of The Daily Meal staff Sharon Gitelle was inspired by a recipe by Amy of She Wears Many Hats. The photo looked gorgeous; the skin thin, golden and crispy, covered with herbs and healthy crust of salt and pepper. The meat in the picture pulls away from the edges of the legs, the skin is condensed all crispy and crunchy — mayo-crusted turkey skin — like some oil and egg augmented chicharrón-like Turkey gribenes.It had to be experimented with. So, inspired by She Wears Many Hats, and armed with a cause (feeding The Daily Meal’s staff during its inaugural potluck Thanksgiving) we set out undaunted by the idea of trying a first-time recipe as the central dish of a public event. After all, armed with The Daily Meal’s Guide to Thanksgiving, its survival and SOS guides, its guides to temperatures, cooking times, and emergency solutions, how could things go wrong? We used our convection oven, but you can use the turkey cooking times for a conventional oven for the recipe too.And go wrong they didn’t. The following recipe for a 16- to 18-pound turkey was a hit. It was quick. It was easy. It was messy. It was a success. And it was simple too: Mayonnaise, herbs, seasoning, and some celery and onion. That’s all!The turkey breast was as moist 15 minutes after cutting it as it was when Editorial Director Colman Andrews carved it. The skin was crunchy and delicious, and the flavor, well… you didn’t get mayonnaise, but you did get a savory herbaceousness.“Mayonnaise you might ask? Mayonnaise-roasted? That sounds outrageous!”Well, how would it sound if someone suggested they would use an egg glaze and drizzle olive oil over your Thanksgiving turkey? Pretty delicious, right? Well that’s the idea behind this turkey recipe, one that we thank Amy for inspiring and which we tweaked here and there to suit our bird, and maybe this or next Thanksgiving, yours.Arthur Bovino is The Daily Meal's executive editor. Read more articles by Arthur, reach him by email, or click here to follow Arthur on Twitter.

Our 50 Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving recipes bring the family together. Creamy vegetables, silky mashes, flaky biscuits, and of course, a big juicy Thanksgiving bird in the center. This holiday, make the dinner time truly special with our best Thanksgiving recipes. Make Thanksgiving easier with our complete guide to Thanksgiving recipes here »

Brined and Roasted Turkey

Brining turkeys has become de rigueur in many American households. Get the recipe for Brined and Roasted Turkey »

Whole Cranberry Sauce

Fresh orange and grapefruit juice add zest to this seasonal staple. Get the recipe for Whole Cranberry Sauce »

Sea Salt Ice Cream With Cornbread Financiers

These are an elegant, restaurant-style nod to the hunks of cornbread typically found on Thanksgiving tables. Get the recipe for Sea Salt Ice Cream With Cornbread Financiers »

Thanksgiving Roast Turkey

This recipe comes from a true Kentuckian, Rena McClure, who has lived there her whole life. Serve it with cornbread dressing cooked in a cast-iron skillet on the side.

Ciabatta and Sausage Stuffing

This rustic stuffing from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro is made with crusty Italian bread and laced with fresh herbs, aromatics, and sausage. Get the recipe for Ciabatta and Sausage Stuffing »

Cranberry Relish

This bracingly tart relish, from Matthew Jennings of Townsman in Boston is the perfect foil for a rich Thanksgiving spread. Whole pieces or orange flesh and peel add texture to balance the creamy smoothness of mashed potatoes and cornbread dressing. Get the recipe for Cranberry Relish »

Tamarind-Glazed Roast Turkey

The flavors of Senegal—sour tamarind, fiery scotch bonnets, and pungent fish sauce—add umami-rich depth to this unexpected Thanksgiving bird.

Turkey Pan Gravy

Make this gravy using the drippings that remain in the pan after you’ve cooked the roast turkey. For additional flavor, add to the finished pan gravy any juices that accumulate on the platter as the turkey rests. Get the recipe for Turkey Pan Gravy »

Grilled Oysters

Oysters are the perfect aphrodisiacs to have on Valentine’s day. Believed to increase fertility, these half shells evoke images of romance. Grill them for your lover and sprinkle some pecorino and bottarga before serving. Get the recipe for Grilled Oysters » Sweet Potato Purée

Spiced Honey-Glazed Spiral Ham

Although spiral-cut ham comes fully cooked, a low, slow roast will heat it through and caramelize its sticky, spiced glaze. At Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro, a ham is glazed with pan drippings, local honey, and fragrant cinnamon and clove for their annual Thanksgiving feast, which they serve to veterans and their families. Get the recipe for Spiced Honey-Glazed Spiral Ham »

Cornbread Dressing

This classic Southern-style Thanksgiving dressing is tossed with crumbled breakfast sausage and plenty of sage, then cooked in a casserole dish beside the browning bird. Get the recipe for Cornbread Dressing » Haricots Verts Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Crumble

This sweet potato casserole is an especially festive, over-the-top take on the Thanksgiving classic, topped with a crisp pecan crumble and dotted with marshmallows. Get the recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Crumble »

Macaroni au Gratin

The foundation of this creamy casserole is a classic mornay sauce, a béchamel sauce to which cheese has been added—in this case, comté, a French cheese with a complex, nutty flavor that melts beautifully. With lots of freshly grated nutmeg to season it and a golden, crunchy breadcrumb topping, it’s a luscious, satisfying side dish for the Thanksgiving table. The dish comes from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro, in the Napa Valley, where the staff makes it as part of their annual Thanksgiving dinner for veterans and their families.

Turkey Congee

Butternut Squash Pepe Soup

Chef Pierre Thiam‘s take on this classic autumn soup uses Scotch bonnet chiles for spice and nutmeg for warmth. In Senegal, a similar soup is said to prevent hangovers, so you’ll find hawkers selling it outside the bars late at night. Use your favorite type of pumpkin or other fall squashes to substitute for the butternut in this recipe, if you like. For a vegan soup, substitute vegetable stock for the chicken stock. Get the recipe for Butternut Squash Pepe Soup »

Apple-Cranberry Relish

Sautéed garlic and onion, plus a little bit of salt, add a savory note to this sweet-tart relish, which gets its body from the natural pectin in the poached, puréed cranberries. A twist on Thanksgiving’s traditional cranberry sauce, the recipe was given to us by Michael Sandoval, executive chef of Bouchon Bistro in Yountville, California. His staff prepares it as part of the restaurant’s annual Thanksgiving meal for veterans and their families. Get the recipe for Apple-Cranberry Relish »

Pomme Purée

Passing cooked potatoes through the fine holes of a potato ricer ensures a silky consistency for this ultrarich side. Get the recipe for Pomme Purée »

Lard Bread Stuffing

Fonio Pilaf with Dates, Carrots, and Peanuts

Wok-Fried Brussels Sprouts and Bacon with Crispy Chestnuts

This spin on a popular Sichuan stir-fry—with bacon, ginger, and garlic garnished with sliced chestnuts—swaps traditional cauliflower for Brussels sprouts. Get the recipe for Wok-Fried Brussels Sprouts and Bacon with Crispy Chestnuts »

Julia Child’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Thirty cloves of garlic go into this creamy side dish, adapted from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Volume 1 (Alfred A. Knopf, 1961). The cloves are first blanched whole, which enhances their sweetness, then used to make a rich béchamel sauce that’s stirred into mashed potatoes with cream and parsley. Get the recipe for Julia Child’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes »

Shredded Collard Green Salad With Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Shredded Collard Green Salad With Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Birch Syrup and Soy Sauce-Glazed Roast Duck

Birch Syrup and Soy Sauce-Glazed Roast Duck

Wild Rice with Roasted Buttered Onions

Wild Rice with Roasted Buttered Onions

Apple and Kale Salad with Black-Sesame–Maple Cashews

Apple and Kale Salad with Black-Sesame–Maple Cashews

Maitake Mushrooms with Red Chiles and Cilantro

Get the recipe for Maitake Mushrooms with Red Chiles and Cilantro »

Turkey Tetrazzini

Van Valkenberg Hot Slaw

Coleslaw gets a makeover as a filling and hearty casserole that test kitchen assistant Sarah Ruth Maier grew up eating at family functions. Get the recipe for Van Valkenberg Hot Slaw »

Honey and Herb Biscuits

Instead of plain dinner rolls, we like to serve these fluffy biscuits, fragrant with rosemary and thyme. This recipe first appeared in our November 2011 issue along with Linda Monastra’s story True Harvest. Get the recipe for Honey and Herb Biscuits »

Braised Red Cabbage

Adding a grated russet potato to this braise helps to temper the sour sweetness of the cabbage. Get the recipe for Braised Red Cabbage »

Braised Paprika Kraut

This hearty, chicken stock—braised kraut is smoky, spicy, and well balanced, with sweet onions, garlic, and bacon fat nicely contrasting the brightness and brininess of jarred sauerkraut. If you prefer the end result even more sour, feel free to add a splash more brine from the jar. Get the recipe for Braised Paprika Kraut »

Redfish on the Half Shell with Creamy Grits

Chef Justin Devillier of La Petite Grocery learned this popular Louisiana fish camp technique—cooking “on the half shell”—after moving to New Orleans from California. Grilling fish skin-side-down with its scales still attached protects the tender meat from ripping and insulates it slightly from the heat, resulting in perfectly tender flesh. Get the recipe for Redfish on the Half Shell with Creamy Grits »

Roasted Turnips and Greens with Bacon Vinaigrette

Pleasantly bitter turnips are roasted until sweet and then slicked with bacon fat and tossed with sherry vinegar and their own wilted green leaves in this warming side dish. Get the recipe for Roasted Turnips and Greens with Bacon Vinaigrette »

Fried Brussels Sprouts

Get your sprouts crispy all over with a quick trip through a deep fryer, then dress them in a sweet-and-sour sauce of honey and balsamic. Fried shallots, walnuts, and Parmesan bring texture and flavor, and a dose of lemon zest ties it all together. Get the recipe for Fried Brussels Sprouts »

Fingerling Potatoes with Bacon

The secret to this simple dish is to use the best quality bacon available. Delicious and straightforward, you can whip this dish together quickly while keeping the oven available for other jobs.

Gluten-Free Gravy

Potato starch replaces flour as the thickener in a rich brown gravy that’s great with roasted turkey. Get the recipe for Gluten-Free Gravy »

Spiced Apple Cocktail (Pomme Épicée)

Easily made in big batched, this autumnal bourbon and apple brandy cocktail from Andrew Carmellini is just as easy to drink. Get the recipe for Spiced Apple Cocktail (Pomme Épicée) » Black coffee spike

Roasted Squash and Pork Dumplings

This delicate seasonal dumpling is stuffed with squash, spiced pork, ginger, and scallion. Get the recipe for Roasted Squash and Pork Dumplings »

Turn Your Oven into a Smoker

Inspired by the flavors of Peking duck, this turkey is infused with a Sichuan peppercorns, fennel seeds, and fresh ginger brine, then lightly smoked over oak.

Oyster Pie with Buttermilk Biscuits

This classic oyster stew from Justin Devillier, the chef of La Petite Grocery in New Orleans, is packed full of Swiss chard and flavored with smoky ham and absinthe, which perfumes each steaming bite with an enticing note of licorice. The buttermilk biscuits on top are just as delicious cooked separately and slathered with butter and honey. Get the recipe for Oyster Pie with Buttermilk Biscuits »

Mango and Pumpkin Spice Cake

Fresh mango, mixed into the base and fanned on top of this warmly spiced pumpkin dessert—chef Pierre Thiam‘s version of his wife’s classic pumpkin cake—adds a tropical brightness and dramatic presentation to his Thanksgiving table. Get the recipe for Mango and Pumpkin Spice Cake »

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

This autumnal dessert is a lighter and more refined version of plain old pumpkin pie, thanks to egg whites folded into the filling. Get the recipe for Pumpkin Chiffon Pie »

Green Bean Casserole

With a creamy mushroom sauce and topped with flash fried onions, this holiday classic is the epitome of a crowd-pleasing casserole. Get the recipe for Green Bean Casserole »

Autumn Panzanella Salad

Crispy pancetta, peppery arugula, and sweet sautéed shallots give a fall spin to panzanella. Get the recipe for Autumn Panzanella Salad »

Apple, Sage, and Sausage Stuffing

A combination of apples and sausage lends a nice sweet-savory balance to this simple stuffing enhanced with sage. Get the recipe for Apple, Sage, and Sausage Stuffing »

Blue Ribbon Pecan Pie

The toffee-like interior and beautiful bronze top layer of halved pecans won Rubyane Surritte first place in the pie contest at Oklahoma’s Drummond Ranch. Get the recipe for Blue Ribbon Pecan Pie »

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

It’s all about the bird. Go classic with a simple roast turkey. You can never go wrong with our dry-brined turkey or Samin Nosrat’s buttermilk-brined spatchcocked turkey. If you’re feeding a small crew, or want leftover turkey for sandwiches, make Samin’s turkey breast version (or a simple roast turkey breast recipe). For more tips on roasting turkey, including cooking times, check out our how to cook turkey guide. Also, when the big day arrives, you’ll need to know how to carve a turkey. Study up!

By all means, do not forget the gravy. Here are our Thanksgiving gravy recipes (including Sam Sifton’s turkey gravy with drippings), and here is our how to make gravy guide.

View our collections ofThanksgiving Turkey Recipes andThanksgiving Gravy Recipes, and ourHow to Cook Turkey guide,How to Make Gravy guide andHow to Carve a Turkey video.

9 Thanksgiving Turkey Ideas for Everyone, from the Purist to the Nontraditionalist

Thanksgiving is three days away—and if you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to nail down the star of the show, the turkey. Here are nine Thanksgiving turkey serving ideas for everyone, from the purist to the non-traditionalist (and everyone in between).

Ina Garten loves this do-ahead bird recipe, because it takes the stress out of carving the turkey at the last minute and keeping it hot on the buffet. S he carves the turkey in advance, arranges it on an ovenproof platter over a layer of gravy and then reheats it all together.

For those who want to do something completely different this Thanksgiving, chef Joshua McFadden suggests skipping a whole turkey in favor of these turkey meatballs flavored with fresh sage, rosemary and thyme. When they’re served with Thanksgiving trimmings like mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, no one will miss the roast turkey at all.

This elegant roulade of turkey—which involves breast that’s been stuffed with focaccia and aromatics—only take 15 minutes to prep and 70 minutes to cook.

Another newfangled way to serve turkey? Soaking turkey breast in flavorful brine, then smoking and roasting it in the oven. If you don’t have a strong exhaust fan, use an outdoor smoker or skip this step altogether. The results will still be delicious.

This old-fashioned roast turkey is prepared in the most basic way possible: There’s no brine, spice rub, not stuffing. It’s a favorite of both cooks on short prep time and purists who want turkey made just the way their moms prepared it.

Thanksgiving for a small set is made easier by roasting just the breast of the turkey, which cooks exponentially faster than the whole bird.

Soaking the turkey in a saltwater brine produces tender, juicy meat. In this recipe, which is a staff favorite, our brine mixture also includes buttermilk, which adds flavor to the turkey and helps keep the meat incredibly moist.

Tired of roasting the turkey every single year? Try deep-frying it! This fried turkey cooks quickly to avoid any kitchen accidents, be sure the turkey is completely dry inside and out before placing it in the fryer.

The technique of spatchcocking involves removing the backbone and then flattening the bird, which speeds roasting and ensures even cooking. Your turkey will emerge with nicely crisped skin and juicy meat.

85 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes for the Most Delicious Turkey Day Feast

You might think that Ree Drummond's favorite part about the Thanksgiving menu would be the main attraction itself: the beautifully basted bird. Spoiler alert: It's not! The Pioneer Woman actually likes all the delicious Thanksgiving side dishes way more than the turkey. "Sometimes I even forget to put the turkey on my plate," she says. "True story." It's easy to agree. When it comes to the menu, serving turkey is the main Thanksgiving tradition, but it's really all about the glorious sides. With so many mouthwatering options, how the heck can you choose which dishes to make? Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce: Yes, yes, yes, and oh right, yes.

To fix this delicious problem, we've rounded up some of the best sides to place on your Thanksgiving table that are both classic and inventive. There are tons of varieties to choose from so you can find the ones that'll work best for your gathering. For instance, a Southern Thanksgiving menu calls for the works: Cornbread and bacon dressing, corn pudding, and easy drop biscuits will do. Or, get creative in the kitchen with recipes like wild rice and prosciutto stuffing, crispy Hasselback potatoes, and French onion mashed potatoes. If you weren't hungry before reading about these lip-smacking-good Thanksgiving sides, you will be when you're done! (Don't forget to select your Thanksgiving wine too.)

68 Easy Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas the Family Is Sure to Love

We have all your traditional favorites made easier, and some delicious updates.

This year, make Turkey Day more delicious with our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Whether you're cooking for the first time or you've hosted the holiday for years, we've put together more than five dozen of the best possible additions to your Thanksgiving menu. We've got smart tips and sneakily delicious additions to help you make the turkey juicier, the potatoes fluffier, and absolutely everything yummier. And if it's your first time overseeing the Thanksgiving feast, well, this roundup offers everything you could ever need to impress family, roommates, and any other guests. If you're searching for Thanksgiving turkey recipes, you've definitely come to the right place.

Of course, we have several different options for to make an outstanding roast turkey. For instance, you can choose the spicy red chile and orange glazed turkey, the savory sage-butter roasted turkey, or an herbaceous roast turkey rubbed with herbes-de-provence. There are also tons of Thanksgiving side dishes on this list, including green bean recipes, stuffing recipes, and of course the best homemade cranberry sauce recipes.

And don't you worry&mdashof course, there are a handful of Thanksgiving pies to ensure your meal ends on the sweetest note. Whether you decide on a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, or a pecan pie, you just can't go wrong. There are also a few other decadent Thanksgiving desserts here, so even if you're not a big pie person, your sweet tooth will certainly be satisfied. After looking at cranberry crumb bars, a pecan-pumpkin bundt cake with cream cheese glaze, and pie-spiced apple fritters, it'll be hard not to add them to your Thanksgiving recipe lineup.

20 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

This simple recipe will please everyone at your Thanksgiving table.

Persian-Style Roast Turkey with Walnut Gravy

Photography by Eva Kolenko

Glazing your turkey with pomegranate juice gives it that gorgeous lacquered look.

All-in-One Turkey Breast with Herby Stuffing

Hosting a small Thanksgiving feast? This easy turkey breast recipe serves four - and your stuffing&aposs all taken care of, too!

Citrus-Mayo Roast Turkey with Citrus Jus

No dry turkey here! The mayo, mixed with citrus zest and herbs, melts during roasting, slowly basting the turkey. Yum!

Rachael&aposs Whiskey-Brined Turkey

If you&aposre wondering what Rachael and John would serve at Thanksgiving, it&aposs probably something like this!

Miso-Buttered Turkey with Shiitake Gravy

This recipe is totally umami-packed and ready to take your Thanksgiving table by storm.

Smoky Turkey with Apple-Cider Gravy

Holy smokes! This recipe is all-around delicious.

Spicy Fried Turkey with Hot-Honey Gravy

Inspired by Nashville Hot Chicken, this spicy fried turkey is AWESOME.

Tandoori-Spiced Turkey

This flavorful bird was inspired by tandoori chicken, a classic Indian dish that&aposs rubbed with spices and cooked in a clay oven. Talk about a beautiful finish!

Cherry-Chipotle Turkey Breast

The best part about this sweet bird is it&aposs speed: it calls for a turkey breast so it&aposs done cooking in half the time as a full bird!

Fresh Herb Grilled Turkey

Head out to your herb garden to get everything you&aposll need to season this grilled turkey.

Turkey with Cranberry-Grapefruit Sauce

Liven up your bird this year with a fruity zing of grapefruit!

Deep-Fried Turkey

Try something new this year and deep-fry your turkey! Inject your bird with all it&aposs natural juices for maximum moistness all while keeping a crispy skin.

Early Bird Turkey

This is a quick turkey fix and will have 8 bellies full and happy in one hour flat.

Buttermilk-Marinated Turkey with Onion Gravy

Give your bird a bath in buttermilk and hot sauce for moist meat and golden-brown skin without pricey ingredients like butter, wine or fresh herbs.

Butter-Basted Turkey

You just can&apost say no to a perfectly buttered bird!

Kiss-of-Lemon Roast Turkey

Freaked out about taking on your first Thanksgiving cooking experience? No need to fear, this beginner bird will give you a tasty dinner in just under three hours!

The Spruce / Kristina Vanni

This pumpkin chiffon pie recipe is a lighter, fluffier version of traditional pumpkin pie. The no-bake filling features whipped pasteurized egg whites to give it the lift. A little whipped cream and caramelized almonds put a showstopping finish on this dessert.

Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Even though there’s absolutely a standard turkey recipe that usually comes with the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, we often find ourselves wondering whether there aren’t other flavours and techniques we can use to take the central part of our harvest meal to the next level. A quick search of other food enthusiasts online lead us to the discovery that, believe it or not, there are actually plenty of different ways to prepare Thanksgiving turkeys to get all kinds of unique flavours!

Are you feeling just as curious as we were, if not more, about the idea of learning how to make an awesome new kind of Thanksgiving turkey that tastes a little different? Check out these 15 amazing ideas, flavour combinations, and recipes that we came across in our search.

1. Maple roast turkey and gravy

Sometimes all you need to take the flavour of something to the next level is just a slight, subtle change in taste that really catches the tastebuds’ attention. If you’re the kind of person that really enjoys adding a bit of sweet to your savoury then we have a feeling you’re going to love this tutorial from All Recipes that teaches you how to make a maple roasted turkey with similarly flavoured gravy to suit the rest of the meal as well.

2. Traditional roast turkey

Are you actually very new indeed to the whole cooking game and this year will actually be your first time preparing a turkey dinner for your family and friends, so you’re hoping to keep things pretty plain and traditional and you’re really just on the hunt for guidance? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Food Network documents the whole process for you with all kinds of different tips and tricks for getting that classic, timeless taste.

3. Garlic and herb roasted turkey

Did we really catch your attention quite well when we started talking about differently prepared turkeys that have a subtle but marked flavour, but you’re just not sure the sweetness of maple is quite the direction you’d like to go in? Then we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like this garlic and herb roasted turkey outlined in nice, clear detail on Delish.

4. Roast turkey with Mexican rub

Are you the kind of food enthusiast who actually usually prefers your dishes with a little bit of extra kick since you’ve always been a spicy foods fan? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that you’ll really adore the way Yummly made this roast turkey with Mexican rub! The rub is something they show you how to make and mix yourself before you even start on the bird.

5. Orange and shallot stuffed turkey breast

Do you love stuffing just as much as the next person but you’re actually making a slightly smaller dinner just for your closest people, so you’re just not sure you need thew hole bird stuffed to the brim? In that case, if you’d rather give your few guests a slightly more gourmet tasting experience, then we thin you simply must take a look at the way Cooking Channel made this orange and shallot stuffed turkey breast faster and easier than you might think.

6. Fried Thanksgiving turkey

Of course, fried Thanksgiving turkey might sound like the stuff of TV land, but we actually tried this recipe last year after we found we simply couldn’t kick our curiosity about the idea and we were not disappointed in any way, shape, or form! Luckily, Country Living is here to show you how it’s done so you can taste how the technique beautifully magnifies the flavour as well.

7. Maple bourbon glazed turkey with local bacon and dried cherry stuffing

Are you actually having a little bit of trouble choosing between a few of the different recipe elements you’ve seen so far on our list because several things just look so good to you? Well, who ever said you had to choose? In stead, check out how Girl in An Apron made this mouthwatering maple bourbon glazed turkey with local bacon and dried cherry stuffing. Their one recipe walks you through more than one key element of your entire meal, all in one impressively delicious place!

8. Mayonnaise roasted turkey

Yes, you read that right. This shockingly tasty recipe and tutorial outlined in great detail on She Wears Many Hats really do teach you how to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey using mayonnaise! It is applied all over the surface along with a custom homemade blend of herbs and spices, working like any other turkey rub to make the outside golden, crispy, and flavourful as the bird cooks.

9. Red wine lacquered turkey with spiced butter

Have we really go your attention with all these different rubs and outer treatments for your turkey bird now but you can’t help feeling like you might rather make yourself one that has a much stronger taste to it, like something with more of a punch than a spice? Then we think you simply must take a look at how Heather Christo made this irresistible red wine lacquered turkey with spiced butter!

10. Garlic butter baked turkey

Has all this talk of butter involved in treating the outside of a turkey got you feeling very intrigued indeed but you’ve also seen mention of garlic rub in a different recipe so now you’re feeling torn between the two? Well, who ever said that you have to choose? Instead, Check out how Bored Fast Food combined the two in order to make this scrumptious garlic butter baked turkey that’s easier to do than it sounds.

11. Red chile and orange glazed turkey

Perhaps you’re still feeling rather enamoured indeed with the idea of making a turkey rub that will have a bit of flavour and and bit of kick to it but you just haven’t seen the idea that quite has you feeling convinced? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Country Living made that precise combination happen in this amazing red chile and orange glazed turkey that we actually tried in real life! It was unlike anything we’d ever tasted before, and we mean that in a really good way.

12. Brined turkey breast with Spanish spiced rub and sour orange sauce

What if the chiles you saw in the earlier recipe might actually be a slightly too spicy option for you, even though you do like a recipe with a little jump to it, but you feel like the inclusion of that orange flavour is still kind of calling to you? Then here’s a similar but slightly milder alternative for your consideration! Cooking Channel has the whole process outlined in great, clear detail how to make this brined turkey breast with Spanish spiced rub and sour orange sauce happen.

13. Bacon wrapped turkey

Are you the kind of meat lover who will take literally any opportunity you can find to combine more than one kind of meat you love together in one place? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ll be absolutely thrilled to learn more about how Delish made this downright decadent bacon wrapped turkey recipe happen in a way that makes our mouths water just looking at it!

14. Tuscan turkey roulade

In addition to adding a mild flavouring to the surface of your turkey, were you also hoping to get a little more gourmet style creative with the stuffing and how it’s prepared as well? In that case, we think this next recipe from Food Network might be right up your alley! They show you how to make a Tuscan turkey roulade that’s packed with regional flavour both inside and out.

15. Rosemary roasted turkey

Are you actually still finding yourself thinking about what we said when we mentioned subtle but impactful flavours and how they can improve the taste of turkey without overpowering it? Well, just in case you’re still feeling enamoured with the concept but you just haven’t found the one that quite speaks to you yet, here’s another alternative for your consideration! All Recipes is here to guide you through the process of making a rosemary roasted turkey that’s just about as wonderfully fragrant as it is deliciously flavourful.

Have you prepared your turkey in other delicious ways before that were a huge hit in previous years but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe in the comments section so we can try it out as well!

13 Easy Turkey Recipes For Beginners

Because nobody wants to spend all day in the kitchen.

After the year we've all had, we deserve a bit of a break this Thanksgiving. Fortunately, the food bloggers of the internet have blessed us with plenty of easy Thanksgiving recipes so you can satiate your appetite without breaking too much of a sweat. The only perspiration you need to experience should be that of eating too much meat.

First and foremost, if you're planning to cook a whole turkey, get a meat thermometer. The National Turkey Federation — a real organization that exists — has a helpful guide to meat thermometers from their recommended internal cooking temperature to where to take the temperature from. It'll keep you from the guess-work of trying to figure out whether your bird is cooked or praying to the turkey gods that you don't give yourself and your loved ones salmonella.

Food blogs like Brown Eyed Baker also have tons of tips and tricks on how to cook a turkey. Use them to answer the age-old questions: to brine or not to brine your turkey. Stare at them while you contemplate ordering take-out. This year, rules do not exist and that absolutely applies to your Thanksgiving meal. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or just don't want to spend hours babysitting a baking bird, here are 13 easy turkey recipes that'll be a hit this Thanksgiving.



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