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The Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee and Tea Lovers

The Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee and Tea Lovers

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The best coffee and tea gifts to win over your loved ones

Coffee and tea gifts for the holidays.

There’s no better time than wintertime to drink espresso, coffee, and tea. So The Daily Meal rounded up the best coffee and tea presents that make even a quick cup of coffee taste a little bit sweeter.

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Consider these gifts the next step up from your average cup of coffee and tea. Whether it’s a book that educates on the finer points of coffee (as we can only expect from Joe, the Art of Coffee), a travel pack to make a gourmet cup of coffee on the go, or a tea-infuser that gets rid of the mess of tea leaves, these gifts will transform your loved one from a novice to a connoisseur.

And of course, there’s really no substitute for a fresh bag of coffee or a pack of tea bags for the holidays. Coffee snobs — er, we mean coffee connoisseurs — will appreciate a locally roasted coffee; others may really love that Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks holiday blend. (You get major gifter points if you buy the new $7-per-cup coffee bean from Starbucks, or the super premium $450 steel gift card from Starbucks, this Christmas.) For tea lovers, expand their horizons with a new tisane or blend they haven’t tried (Teaologist is our personal choice for exciting new tisanes).

Click through our 10 coffee and tea gifts this holiday season — they’ll truly warm up your loved ones this winter.

The Best Mug for You, According to What Type of Person You Are

No matter what season it is, what kind of person you are, or what you like to drink, everyone loves mugs. There are various types of mugs for every kind of person, and every kind of mood you are in.

Tea and coffee lovers will both agree, that the best things in the world are mugs. And with holiday season coming up, any of these are a perfect give for a friend, loved one, or that weird co-worker whose name you got for a Secret Santa.

Tasty and Tasteful Gifts for Tea Lovers

From the best brews, sophisticated accessories, and tea-infused beauty products there is something for everyone.

One of the most enduring beverages in the history of humanity is tea. Chinese legend suggests that humans started drinking it as far back as 2737 BCE, and it's since been the drink of choice throughout history for emperors, queens, dignitaries, and of course, the common people.

It should come as no surprise that tea drinkers take their brew very seriously. Whether you're looking to gift the tea lover in your life some new flavors to explore, some beautiful service-ware, or an out-of-the-box homage to their favorite sip, we've tracked down the perfect gifts for every tea devotee.

What better holiday gift for your favorite tip sipper than 24 days of flavor?

As the famous jingle would dictate, tea is better when it's for two, and this pretty patterned pot comes with two complimentary tea mugs. The trio even stacks together for easy storage.

Infused with bergamot, the fruit that gives Earl Grey tea its unique botanical zip, these chocolate truffles evoke the same flavor as your favorite cuppa. Tea and chocolate pairing, anyone?

Give your full body the steep treatment with these botanical-filled pouches that, when dropped into a hot bath, infuse your senses with the relaxing scents of calendula, lavender, chamomile, and rose.

Take the guesswork out of tea making with this automated tea brewer that steeps every tea in just the right temperature water for just the right amount of time. Even better: it has a French Press setting for the coffee lover in your life too.

One part artsy, one part playful, this iPhone case inspired by the famous 19th century woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa will fit your brew lover to a "tea."

$45 for 3 months

Help them broaden their tea horizons with a monthly subscription box filled with samplings of four different teas specially chosen for your giftee based on their tasting profile and preferences.

28 Gifts Coffee Lovers Will Appreciate, Even if They're Coffee Snobs

Including personalized gifts and the best coffee maker on the market right now.

We all have that one person in our life who cannot function without their coffee. And whether they're the type who heads out to Starbucks for their usual order or the kind who's always researching the best coffee makers so they can't make a fresh cup at home, these gifts for coffee lovers are sure to please.

Coffee aficionados actually make the best people to shop for because there are so many trendy and stylish coffee gifts these days. In fact, here are 30 gifts any coffee enthusiast (or even, coffee snobs) will enjoy &mdash from top-rated $20 Amazon products to editor faves, you'll discover that a lot of these coffee-inspired presents make great decor gifts, wellness gifts, and even travel gifts (hey, a good travel coffee mug is a must). And the best part of it all is that all of these picks are affordable finds that won't break the bank.

For more Christmas ideas, check out the Good Housekeeping 2020 Holiday Guide for holiday decor ideas, Christmas games and activities, holiday recipes, and popular gift ideas.

FYI: Certain items may be shipped later this year due to the pandemic. You can check here for all shipping deadlines to ensure your item arrives in time for the holidays.

The lovely packaging is a delight to unwrap, and the fact that the beans are roasted by the founders make this subscription a great gift. You can customize it according to the amount of coffee, the delivery frequency, and the subscription duration.

The 45 Best Gifts For The Coffee Lover In Your Life In 2020

People aren't typically lukewarm about coffee. Either they can't stand the stuff (they hate the taste, it makes 'em too jittery) or they *literally* cannot function as a human being before downing at least half a pot.

You know who the java fanatics are in your life. And while you also know that, yes, they will appreciate and use a Starbucks or Dunkin' gift card (as long as you for sure know which they prefer), you know you can do better in the gift department this year, right?

These gifts for coffee lovers go way beyond bags of gourmet beans (though those are a good place to start, of course). I mean, if you really love coffee, why not bathe with brew-scented soaps, sniff latte-inspired candles, and hang coffee shop-worthy art on your walls?

Whether you want to set your coffee lover up to brew the very best java at home, update their mug collection with a stainless steel travel mug, or simply enjoy a few new flavors (because you won't run out of joe with a coffee subscription box), there's a gift here for you. Your sustainable co-worker will surely appreciate the $12 reusable coffee cup lid, while your one-and-only will be truly wowed by that seriously pricey Breville espresso maker or burr grinder.

Ready to spread the cozy café vibes this holiday season? We're here to help get the ideas brewing. You can pop these top-rated gifts for coffee lovers into your cart quicker than you can get through the Dunkin' drive-thru in the morning. Promise.

35 Trendy Gifts That The Coffee Lover In Your Life Absolutely Needs

There are two types of people in the world: those who don't drink coffee and those who can't function without it. If there's someone special in your life who falls into the latter category, then you know that a coffee-themed gift is one they'll actually use. Whether you don't know the difference between coffee and cold brew (there is a difference, btw) or you only drink the best coffee beans on the market, these coffee gadgets make sense for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you're shopping for mom, dad, your best friend, or your partner, the caffeine addict in your life deserves nothing but the best. Here are our favorite coffee-related appliances, accessories, and gifts that any java fiend will be so excited to open.

Whether they'll hang it in their kitchen or their living room, this gradient print will get black coffee addicts and latte lovers alike talking about what they consider "the perfect cup."

Friends: The Official Central Perk Cookbook Gift Set

Celebrate your favorite coffee shop and one of the most iconic television series of all time with Friends: The Official Central Perk Cookbook Gift Set, which features the beautiful brand new official Central Perk cookbook and an official Central Perk apron!

The world’s favorite TV show now has a new holiday gift set! This beautiful cookbook and apron set is guaranteed to delight Friends fans everywhere. From appetizers and small bites to drinks and desserts, each chapter of the cookbook includes iconic treats from the show and café. The latest in Insight Editions’ best-selling line of Friends products has more than 75 recipes and beautiful full-color photography, as well as classic stills and legendary quotes from the show. This will be the year’s best home cooking companion for fans of the show that has always been there for you.
This gift set makes Friends: The Official Central Perk Cookbook even better! Friends: The Official Central Perk Cookbook Gift Set is packaged in a deluxe gift box and combines the exciting new Friends & Central Perk-themed cookbook with an exclusive apron emblazoned with the Central Perk logo. Your holiday gift-giving challenge has been solved!
75 Brand New Recipes: Inspired by beloved moments from the show and Central Perk, this book includes delicious recipes such as I Hate Rachel Thai Iced Tea, Ross’s Space Princess Fantasy Cinnamon Rolls, and Joey’s Peanut Butter Spoon Shaped Cookies & Jam.
Over 20 Café-Inspired Drinks: This book includes recipes for over 20 coffee- and tea-based drinks, perfect for mastering your own caffeinated start to the day.
Includes Iconic Central Perk Apron: This high-quality apron features adjustable straps, a large front pocket, and the iconic Central Perk logo.

40 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers to Get Them Buzzing

Some call it coffee, others call it joe, java, or rocket fuel. Whatever you call it, caffeine lovers can agree that coffee is liquid gold and keeps the world spinning&mdashjust ask Ree Drummond. "Good or bad, right or wrong, I wouldn&rsquot want to live in a world without coffee," she says. Coffee drinkers all have specific preferences, so they can be tough to buy for, but this roundup is here to help. Ahead, find the perfect gifts for your BFF, just-because present, and other best gifts for coffee lovers out there: the wannabe-baristas, the cold brew connoisseurs, and everyone else! These gifts will have them buzzing for weeks.

In this list, you'll see tons of gifts under $50, perfect for presents for your parents or to combine to make the ultimate caffeine-themed gift bag. These kitchen gifts will improve their morning coffee routine, including a fancy French press and a coffee bean grinder. If you're looking for a gift that keeps on giving, sign them up for a monthly coffee-and-book box, or take a look at other great coffee subscriptions out there.

If they don't already have one, you should absolutely get your coffee lover a French press. You can even get them a smaller size if they want to make just one or two cups at a time.

Grab a handful of these adorable bright pink mugs for each of your best friends. They'll start their days in the best way possible!

30 Coffee Gifts For Those Who Can't Stop After A Cup

These coffee-themed Christmas gifts are perfect for the caffeine fiend in your life.

Finding the perfect Christmas present for a friend or family member can be a challenge, to say the least. That is, of course, unless that friend or family member is a caffeine fiend or a coffee aficionado. If that's the case, then choosing from any one of the following coffee Christmas gifts will be a breeze. Turns out, holiday shopping doesn't have to be a pain in the you-know-what. Sometimes, it's easy like Sunday morning. (A Sunday morning spent sippin' on a cup of Joe, that is.)

Whether you're looking to expand a loved one's coffee pallet with a wide variety of roasts and blends, are looking for practical coffee-related equipment to up their caffeine game, or are aiming to poke a little fun at their dependence on a cup of coffee with a funny mug or piece of home decor, the following list of coffee-related gifts is sure to please the coffee fans in your life.

Getting out of bed will be a little easier knowing they have their coffee, and these slippers, waiting for them. Customers love that Haflingers can stay in good condition for several years, and how they can be machine washed without losing their shape and texture.

A Hydro Flask will allow them to take their coffee to-go without fear of spillage. It keeps liquids hot for up to six hours, and cold for up to 24 hours, for even the longest excursions.

With Driftaway Coffee&rsquos World Sampler, they can taste flavors from around the globe from the comfort of their kitchen. Each set comes with four flavor profiles (fruity, classic, balanced, and bold), plus each order directly contributes to sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers around the world.

The HyperChiller is an iced coffee lover&rsquos dream, capable of turning any hot beverage cold in 60 seconds without diluting it at all. It can be used to cool off a morning brew, or come in handy for other drinks, including but certainly not limited to wine, to whiskey, and tea.

Coffee doesn&rsquot get much more luxurious than when it&rsquos mixed with pure cane sugar in this exfoliating and moisturizing scrub. Customers love the sweet scent, and how soft it makes their skin feel when adding it to their shower or bath routine.

These coffee glasses come in pairs, but are affordable enough that you could purchase a couple sets if you wanted or needed. They&rsquore designed to allow coffee flavors to reach your entire palate, and have double-walled glass to keep beverages warm for a much longer period of time.

If they enjoy tea as well as coffee, they can have the best of both worlds with coffee-inspired tea set. This one is made from rooibos, which is naturally caffeine-free, and comes with salted caramel sugar cubes for a decadent flavor profile.

Satisfy their sweet tooth, and give them a caffeine kick, with these chocolate covered almonds and espresso beans. They make a great snack on their own, or can serve as a welcomed, chocolatey addition to any hot beverage.

There are a number of ways to customize this personalized glass mug to make the recipient feel as if it truly was made for them. Have it engraved with their name, initials, or even their coffee order.

Socially conscious coffee drinkers will appreciate BLK & Bold coffee, which donates 5% of its profits to at-risk youth across the country. Customers praised this particular blend for its fresh flavors that, when combined, make a smooth beverage.

Turn their favorite drink into a work of art with this minimalist poster. It makes a pleasant addition to kitchens, office spaces, or any place where drinks are enjoyed.

Coffee Obsessed includes coffee history, methodology, and tons of recipes for those who are starting out in the industry, or are interested in deepening their knowledge of all things coffee-related just for fun.

Passionate coffee drinkers shouldn&rsquot have to go out to a cafe for an elevated coffee experience. This Etsy shop allows you to mix and match decorative elements for their coffee bar, from quirky signage to bowls and spoons.

Take their coffee obsession to the next level by giving them an Arabica plant, known as the first species of coffee to ever be cultivated. It takes years for the plant to bear fruit, but customers were excited to see how healthy and happy their plants looked upon arrival.

These literary mugs will give bookworms another excuse to sip and read. Choose from Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, and Edgar Allen Poe themed mugs, which feature colorful quotes from these iconic authors.

An adventurous coffee drinker could use a way to keep track of their favorite brews, and this passport is a unique keepsake for doing just that. It has 32 pages and includes sections for noting brew methods, roasts, and flavor notes.

Let the bistro come to them with these charming tile mugs. Customers appreciate the large size, which makes them great for practicing latte art (or for those days when you need a big pour).

Customers who purchased from this Etsy shop commented that the shirts are comfortable, flattering, and received lots of compliments.

A mug shelf serves the dual purpose of storing ceramics and turning them into decor. This one features plenty of compartments, which leaves space to customize the display with trinkets and more.

Coffee drinkers who can appreciate a unique flavor profile will enjoy this bourbon-infused blend. Reviewers write that it&rsquos a touch sweet, so best served as an afternoon brew.

These coasters, which are handwoven by women artisans in Guatemala, can be heated up quickly in the microwave and then used to keep beverages warm. The best part might be that they&rsquore made with coffee beans that add a lovely aroma when warm.

With nearly 15,000 positive Amazon reviews, the Mueller French Press is clearly an internet favorite when it comes to preparing coffee. It features double-layered stainless steel that keeps coffee hot, plus four layers of filtration that guarantees coffee grounds won&rsquot end up in their mug.

Only the most daring coffee lovers will be able to handle a cup of Death Wish, which claims to be the strongest blend in the world. Amazon customers note that it&rsquos not for the faint of heart, but it could be an excellent present for someone in need of an extra boost these days.

This candle is scented with coffee bean essential oil, as well as chocolate and hazelnut, and is even topped with real coffee beans for a sensory treat. Customers rave that it smells exactly like a fresh pot brewing and is a coffee lover&rsquos dream.

The latte possibilities are endless with these custom stencils. They ship very quickly, so it won&rsquot be long before their favorite saying, logo, or design makes an appearance in their mug.

If they prefer their coffee iced, they might already know about this trick to freeze coffee cubes instead of water, which keeps drinks cool without diluting them. This tray contains eight coffee bean-shaped cubes, and is easy to clean up since it&rsquos dishwasher safe.

For a blend they might not have tried before, this award-winning Ugandan coffee by Red Bay is a safe bet. This particular blend is one of their highest rated, and has notes of blackberry, dark chocolate, and dates.

For rustic, farmhouse style kitchens, this handcrafted wood coffee bar sign will add the perfect finishing touch. Customers have hung these frames up on their walls, or for even easier installation, placed them directly on a countertop next to their coffee supplies.

This portable Vietnamese coffee set comes with premium coffee and condensed milk packets. No equipment is required, so it can be prepared anywhere, be it at home, at the office, or in a hotel room.

If cappuccinos and lattes are their choice beverages, a stainless steel milk frother is a gift they&rsquoll get a lot of use out of. They&rsquoll choose from four simple settings (dense or airy foam, for cold or hot milk) to have their drink ready in no time.

Give the gift of more Woman&rsquos Day! Send your loved one 12 issues of Woman&rsquos Day for $7.99! And while you&rsquore at it, sign up for our FREE newsletter for even more of the Woman's Day content you want.

First on our list of gifts for coffee lovers is this amazing product. They say that if you’ve got a death wish but would like to go with a huge smile on your face, the Death Wish Ground Coffee should be an excellent candidate. Dubbed as the strongest coffee known to man, the Death Wish features a select blend of only the finest coffee beans and expertly roasted so that every bit of caffeine is extracted into each cup that you make. The USDA certified organic coffee beans provide bold tastes, that signature caffeine kick, really fantastic aromas that everyone loves in their coffee. If you’ve got a heart ailment, you might want to sit this one out. Our top coffee gift. And this can also be a perfect gift for coworkers that like their brew strong.

Caffeine addicts and food lovers will definitely love the Driftaway Coffee subscription because apart from delivering a regular supply of the finest coffee beans to their doorstep, it also includes detailed notes about the people who grow these beans in different regions of the globe. From the bean to the cup, Driftaway provides subscriptions that start with a tasting kit composed of four single-origin coffee profiles. This basically lays down the foundation for what you will be regularly receiving. You can choose the frequency of the shipping and billing so you can exercise better control. For the coffee-loving friend of yours, giving any of the packages as a present would be well worth it.

If you love the glorious smell of freshly brewed coffee for your ideal coffee gift, the Old Factory Coffee Bean Scented Candles is just for you. This 4 ounce jar is part of a trio of soy candles that are enriched with natural fragrance oils to give you an amazing scent that can easily permeate through the air, turning any room into a very pleasant abode. The Old Factory also comes with hazelnut and Chai tea variants so you can create a more relaxing atmosphere in your living room, your bedroom, or even your bathroom. You can count on the quality of these candles as a great gift, too.

Iced coffee can have its unique flavors and sensations that are truly different from its piping hot version. Unfortunately, preparing a really lovely cold brew can be taxing and time-consuming. Good thing you don’t have to wait that long because the HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker can actually turn a piping hot cup into a chilly beverage in 60 seconds. You’d also be amazed at the HyperChiller’s capacity. At 12.5 ounces, you can easily make iced coffee for two. Best of all, it’s not only coffee that you can cool with the HyperChiller it works exceptionally well with other drinks, too. A solid coffee gift option!

Say adieu to your old coffee maker and say bonjour to one of the most ingenious contraptions ever created to give you an authentic French press coffee. The BodumChambard Coffee and Tea maker is a French Press coffee maker that is constructed of a wonderful combination of borosilicate glass and stainless steel. The glass gives it excellent heat resistance while the stainless steel plunger comes with a mesh filter, effectively extracting all the amazing flavors and aromas of your coffee through its oils. It is fully capable of producing 8 cups of your precious brew or roughly 34 ounces. Be sure to also check out our list of the best tea makers for more great items like this.

Some like to drink large amounts of coffee in one sitting while others simply want to savor the real authentic flavors and aromas of their drink that they prefer having it in small yet highly concentrated amounts. And if you’re a fan of the espresso, then it is a must that you also have the Kitchables Espresso Cups. These 2.7-ounce shot glasses are specially designed to contain very hot coffee without exposing your fingers to thermal injuries as the Kitchables come with thick, double-wall insulation. This way you get to really enjoy your piping hot drink without burning your hands.

The Technivorn Moccamaster KBT is an amazing coffee brewer and THE gift for any coffee enthusiast that comes complete with an equally useful thermal carafe to give you 10 cups of only the finest tasting, richly flavored coffee for you, your family, and friends. The Moccamaster features a proprietary copper boiling element which essentially guarantees the correct water temperature range necessary for extracting all that coffee goodness that’s locked in every bean. The same boiling element automatically shuts off once the brewing process has been completed. The Technivorm coffee brewer is individually crafted by hand to give you a very unique coffee shop worthy coffee drinking experience.

Can’t get enough of cappuccinos perking up your mornings complete with that milky, frothy goodness creating a foamy mustache on your lips? How about energy-packed espresso shots in the middle of the day to boost your enthusiasm lasting well into the night? Well, if you like both, you may need to get the De’LonghiMagnifica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. This stylish coffee maker comes with a built-in burr grinder and a milk frothing arm to give you that signature foam in your cappuccino. It comes with other technical features that will turn fresh coffee beans or even ground coffee into amazing espressos and cappuccinos. A great addition to our gifts for coffee lovers review.

You’ve never really perfected the art of making café-worthy coffee until you’ve indulged yourself reading the perfectly written guide to specialty coffee. Brew: Better Coffee at Home is a fascinating read especially for those who are mesmerized by the complexities and elegance of specialty brews yet lack the necessary skill to become a barista in their own right. The Brew offers newbies and avid coffee lovers alike a rare glimpse into the fantastic world of caffeine, including materials and processes needed for making a great cup, and how you can use this ingredient to come up with sensational cocktails and drinks.

Can’t wait until break time to head off to your café and get yourself a nice piping hot shot of espresso? Or you’re in the middle of nowhere and you’re itching for that delicious goodness of an espresso. What can you do? The next time you’re in a similar situation, you’d better have the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker with you already. This convenient and very portable espresso maker only relies on the power of your hands to extract all that rich goodness of coffee to give you a shot glass of pure delicious brew. There are no batteries or electricity required.

The AerobieAeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is an exceptionally engineered piece of equipment that can instantly churn out espresso or Americano in 30 seconds. Its proprietary total immersion technology allows the extraction of the full flavors and aromas of coffee in a fraction of the time it would take conventional coffee makers. Part of the magic is the use of gentle air pressure which helps extract all the delicious goodness of coffee while preventing the development of the drink’s characteristic bitter taste. It also comes with micro filters to help guarantee grit-free drink. The AeroPress easily makes up to 4 cups of your coffee.

Don’t use your cupboard, an ordinary box, or even a jar to store your supply of K-Cups coffee pods. A more elegant way of organizing it while also giving you the opportunity to showcase your passion for this type of coffee presentation is the K-Cup Coffee Pod Storage Spinning Carousel Holder. It has a non-slip base that provides a sturdy foundation to its rotating mechanism, allowing you unrestricted access to 24 of your favorite K-Cup coffee pods. The carousel should also be a welcome addition to any modern kitchen and the whole system can be used for organizing other items, too.

It’s sleek and super sexy. It’s got very nice lines and a shiny finish. Best of all, it comes with a really fast and powerful grinding motor that can instantly yield 12 cups of your precious early morning brew in a matter of seconds. Its 3 ounce capacity may be insufficient for most of us, but if you’re looking to enjoy a good brew for yourself and your partner, then the KRUPS F203 is more than enough. This coffee grinder is not only geared for grinding your Arabica or Robusta but also other ingredients like spices, nuts, herbs, grains, and a whole lot more.

With a water reservoir barely enough to hold 50 milliliters, you’d think the Handpresso Wild Hybrid to be a mediocre gadget that claims to provide you with exceptional espressos wherever are. But the fact of the matter is that the Wild Hybrid’s ingenious design gives it the capability to hand-press your coffee in a remarkable 232 PSI rating, well beyond the standard 116 to 145 PSI that baristas and other coffee professionals adhere to in making fabulous espressos. So, even if you’re out in the wilderness, on a hike, or a camping trip and you’re aching for some espresso, you know what to do.

Making your own coffee rather than queuing up at your favorite coffee shop is definitely a lot better as you get to appreciate the full aroma and flavor of your drink slowly develop right before your eyes. But if you do wish to hasten the speed of the brewing process, you may have to use the Nespresso Inissia Coffee Capsule Machine. The Inissia comes with a rapid heating system that delivers the right temperature of water for your coffee in just 25 seconds. The design is made to be a real space-saver, too, so you can easily put it on your office desk.

The Contigo Travel Mug doesn’t really spectacular except for its elegant gunmetal finish. However, its true charm lies in its vacuum insulated 20 ounce chamber that is guaranteed to keep your drinks hot for an amazing 7 hours or your cold beverages staying frosty up to 18 hours. This simply means that if you go out on a hike in the morning, you’d still be able to enjoy your hot coffee 7 hours later, thanks to the integration of the Thermalock technology into its design. The Contigo also features a leak-proof lid which further aids in the Thermalock thermal retention capabilities. Our handy guide to the best pour over coffee makers features more great products like this.

If you’re craving for some rich and creamy latte or even an equally tantalizing cappuccino, you know that the secret is in coming up with a real frothy, creamy milk to incorporate into your drink. With the MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother enjoying cappuccinos, lattes, or even hot chocolates no longer means having to fall in line on some expensive café. You can easily make these drinks right in your own home. The MatchaDNA features a stainless steel and BPA-free shaft that’s guaranteed to be more durable than competing brands. It has a simple push button operation and comes as a wireless device.

Looking at the Chemex Hand Blown Glass Coffee Maker, we cannot help but be amused of its uncanny resemblance to the laboratory flask only this time you get two flasks connected to one another forming an hourglass shape. The funnel-shaped design of the Chemex allows for the insertion of a coffee filter to help in the dripping process. One thing truly noteworthy of the Chemex filter is that it allows for the extraction of all the richness of coffee but prevents the inclusion of the characteristic bitterness of coffee into the final drink. It’s very easy to use, too.

Watch the video: Gift Idea for Coffee u0026 Tea Lovers. Sunny DIY (July 2022).


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